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How to make a “hot dog in the special basket” at home in a deep fryer

How to Make a "Gas Station Hot Dog" at Home in an Air Fryer

I initially heard very enthusiastically about their ” air fryer ” and its calorie-reducing capabilities, cooking without oil. The first time I honestly heard about it I was a little skeptical. The second time I heard someone examining an air fryer, they made it clear to me that it was just a small, amazing convection grill, and I was a little intrigued. It was only for the third time – when Danielle Guercio demonstrated the ability to make all those snacks in the machine right on this site – that I convinced myself I needed them.
To date I can say that my purchase has made my diet more advantageous, however, I never expected it to be so. (a change in food style simply from this cooking mode.) Yes, I can use a little less oil when simmering potatoes, but its main aspect is the way it heats up quickly, the fact that it does natural to clean, and how you totally dominate in cooking oily foods. I’m particularly fascinated by what he does for Frank.

Imagine, a hot dog in the air fryer basket, the sausage in your neighborhood grocery store in the air fryer. Imagine the hot dog, rolling forward but never traveling, its skin becoming taut, shiny, and sparkling as it sizzles away in its own oil in its perforated basket. At the moment imagine being able to reproduce it the same, in your home, without the need for rollers. This is the truth of the air-burned sausage, it is excellent.

Hot Dog in Air Fryer

To have your hot dog grilled and fragrant you should simply set your air fryer to 385 ℉ and let it cook for five minutes. The hot air that reaches high temperatures circulates in the chamber of the air fryer allowing the fat to escape, releasing its golden skin, thanks to its functionality in a few minutes evenly by sliding excess fat into the bottom of the basket giving an exceptional flavor. The same thing to cook a sausage eliminating about 50% of the fats we could use the air fryer, even with multiple products together. (I spread a little mayonnaise on the sandwich before the hot or sausage as if you were in the pub) One of the best products can be purchased on Amazon and the photo is below added;